• May 15 Sat 2010 11:46
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Finally, I'm done with the new passport after 2 months expired.. Went to Pusat Bdr Damansara yesterday.. Not really lost but missed out the carpark entrance.. so have to make a big U-turn to gt back again.. 


Best thing was, I totally 4gt what block is fer the immigration ): so just anyhow walk, and anyhow ask LOLOL =X manage to find tho, not hard :P then gt the form at the counter there, bro told me that the form should cost RM1.. but i never pay any =__=? that fella just give me like that, so.. filled in then form and get the number.. :P aft that, probs occur =__= Duh! so mafan.. waited fer so long only know that the barcode on that form cant be used.. tsk tsk ! i still thought is my old IC's prob.. =X rest at home fer 2 hours, way too lazy to wait there =X and *ta-da* my new passport X:




Today's class was fun ! lolol.. cant stop laughing.. tafsir too slow, no choice X___X really need to be prepared for class adi.. cant slack anymore ): ):

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