nothing much to do today.. been slacking (:

haha.. in short, this weekend = boring.. why ? cuz, seriously i hav nothing much better to do beside study, yet im been so lazy.. haiz !! hardly discuss world music.. as we've tried to.. however, we phail i guess.. well, its not that bad actually.. still manage to do half of it.. hehe ~ so my saturday.. out out !! went ikea ~ then plan to go office but end up not.. heading back home to sleep hehe ~ officially a pig =X then had dinner nearby.. and i refuse to go fer supper.. too much food !! =p so what i do next ? waiting them to online.. fer the group discussion.. gahh ~ wait n wait.. delay again.. so, in the mean time, lets audi lolol ~ skill deproved.. alot, alot.. mia fer not really long.. just bout a week or so, yet my skill like.. gosh, suxx !! the 1st day i play back, cant even c6 properly -.-!! duh.. how can i do my lv49's lic.. terrible.. then it gets better (: of cuz ~ haha.. then while we having group discuss, near the end.. guess what ? gosh ah siah aka jellyfish on audi le lmao ~ i dunwan ffk her but havin this discussion... bo huat.. go back fer 1 round.. haha and mute audi's sound in case.. i cant hear them lol ~ mainly that..

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