its getting busy.. whats more to say, uni = busy life.. no comment. its not as easy as ppl think.. alot more assignments coming up.. and it will never end.. gosh, rather just take my life away.. just started uni fer 2 weeks and i'd sick fer like 3 times ? or 4 ? unbelievable.. anw, just believe it.. lol !! so, mainly i can say that, im sick .. again !! yes, not the first time.. terrible =.=!! nothing much special, just the mood of waiting fer cny.. come come.. im waiting.. not reli feel excited, and not really feel that sth new will be coming.. towards me.. haha =p

anw, today was kinda boring.. as usual, nothing much.. well, i've recorded my dearest world music lecturer - *ta-da* mr alex.. singing in class.. demonstrate the baka ppl singing.. hehe ~ reminds me of Tamar.. my HOI lecture.. its so bored yet fun ..well, just ignore.. i've no idea what im typing right now.. just 4gt bout it.. btw, i'll try to upload the 2 recording a.s.a.p (:

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