First of all, this is mainly bout audi post.. LOLL so if u dun play and not interested in it.. JUST SKIP !! thx (:

hahaha ~ been reli chionging again past few days.. like each day 5% exp.. but these 2 days 10% exp per day.. woohoo !! then guess what ? the hardest part come.. which is the blardy lic =.=!! ok, the req.. basically.. we know the mode, expert choreography.. gahh !! then it requires 500k of scores, x5 perfect, and 20 perfects in total.. so.. ive tried fer so so so blardy many times.. i guess bout 8?! all pass score n perfect BUT not the chain part.. and i gt reli fed up !! then msn fer awhile... garrr !! pek chek mode.. reli.. and i dunno why.. just so pek chek and pek chek.. worse than before.. then 1 more try.. i tot it will be fail.. gonna gv up after 1st fm.. but just play ahead ba.. gosh !! miracle.. PASS LE LMAO !! my dearest LEVEL 49 !! <3 yayyyyy !! im lovin it lol ~ and i love random chance.. YES RANDOM CHANCE !! those who hate it so much.. sry, i can tell u i just love it fer my lic.. lolol ~ it actually help me pass.. well, c3 also can.. my c6 at this speed can die =.=!! taken 2 ss after lic.. the replay part haha.. nothing much tho.. just happy n happy (: finally pass.. BY MYSELF... LOLLL !!

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