nothing much to do today.. been slacking (:

haha.. in short, this weekend = boring.. why ? cuz, seriously i hav nothing much better to do beside study, yet im been so lazy.. haiz !! hardly discuss world music.. as we've tried to.. however, we phail i guess.. well, its not that bad actually.. still manage to do half of it.. hehe ~ so my saturday.. out out !! went ikea ~ then plan to go office but end up not.. heading back home to sleep hehe ~ officially a pig =X then had dinner nearby.. and i refuse to go fer supper.. too much food !! =p so what i do next ? waiting them to online.. fer the group discussion.. gahh ~ wait n wait.. delay again.. so, in the mean time, lets audi lolol ~ skill deproved.. alot, alot.. mia fer not really long.. just bout a week or so, yet my skill like.. gosh, suxx !! the 1st day i play back, cant even c6 properly -.-!! duh.. how can i do my lv49's lic.. terrible.. then it gets better (: of cuz ~ haha.. then while we having group discuss, near the end.. guess what ? gosh ah siah aka jellyfish on audi le lmao ~ i dunwan ffk her but havin this discussion... bo huat.. go back fer 1 round.. haha and mute audi's sound in case.. i cant hear them lol ~ mainly that..

this morning.. aka sunday morning.. yum cha @ kuchai lama.. huahahaa ~ i drive again.. but sian lehh.. fetch yiyun and meet up with xinning n her bro n duno who else.. then fetch jie @ ktm.. fail leh lol.. found the place at first but hav no idea where to go in.. end up took like 40mins to reach.. and we just go circles ~ lolol =X due to late, bro hav to send me home cuz i refuse to join them.. and guess wad ? no lunch fer me.. and dinner too !! D: planned to study malaysian music.. not really fail.. i did study.. fer malay gamelan.. and just the intro part.. crap !! then all the time been audi-ing.. lmao !! today went crazy.. wowo ~ whyy ? haha manage to do 188bpm de fm.. 8k summore.. !! its like... omfg ? finally ? haha !! and i saw someone say SOT PLUG !! lolol ~ and a lv10's move fer 188bpm... <3 it <3 it.. reminds me of my cc4 that time.. 188bpm's cfm lolol ~ and i miss my 4M score.. beat rush, obviously deprove.. no comment. beat up, due to hang.. i hav no idea.. but my perf drop damn alot.. just dammit.. rawrs !! 4k improve compare to last last time.. means last yr when there s no free chance.. cuz i'll neva chance ~ xP passed master to en, is so much fun ~ blue aka jr is <3 and.. i stil see ppl go ard as fer cpl.. duh !! the room nv say F > CPL then those ppl come in n ask... findin cpl ? wanna cpl ? and if ur reply is NO.. they gone. very fast. in a blink of eye.. *poof* lol ~ despo ppl.. ya just.. nth to say. haha ~

its monday tmr !! yes, tuesday coming .. awaiting.. hehehehehe ~ knw why ? my dearest piano coming to new house.. yes.. its new !! new new house... a new new piano tho is cheap 1.. but stil able to play lah duh ~ and my secret <3 thx !! and.. i shall say baibai to audi lol ~ if neva see me in audi means im not gonna audi xP and waiting fer my nice nice comp mari mari ~ then i shall move all my audi there.. huahahahaha ~ and i can chiong back my audiSEA, HongKongAudi, SlickAU and lastly.. my dear dear KOREAN AUDI !! <3

*poof* miss ya all <3


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