here s my update.. after ... few days ?

ok, since i said im gonna update blog on ytd which im fail to do so, i'll update it today..

its just normal monday fer ytd.. we hav our world music class as usual, the thing is.. our results.. back !! well, not all.. i got mine.. but.. i know.. most of the people fail, and im the lucky one.. (: well, 4gt bout this.. alex is so strict that will neva add marks fer us.. even if we wrote abit relevance.. also no marks.. unless it is.. absolutely correct.. then ther will be marks ~.~

anyway.. the main point.. i.. or mayb i can say is we.. are so suay.. why ? my frens found a practice room at 120.. then we go there to disturb lol.. after awhile, we ( suwen, peiying and i ) heading to lunch.. at first, we walk to hostel there.. the restaurant is close.. idk why -.- just.. gah, nvm.. we go to block b and hav our lunch.. after that.. just nice finish our lunch, suwen receive a call from jia en.. guess what ? she just say sth like.. heys, the door cannot open.. im locked !! well, its outside.. not inside tho lol ~ so, we rush back to c120.. >_> duh ~ knob rosak lah.. wth leh... they nv check properly.. then our bags, books etc are inside the room -.- terrible leh.. and they took like... an hour ++ to open the door -.- waste time ... after that went to kacau alex.. fer the world music marks lol ~

ok, shall back to prac.. (:


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