Dont understand, why people tell lies ? yet, you do it once again.. why are you lying to us ? who willing to help you.. not we are giving up on you, but you just make us think that you dont even give a damn bout what have you done..

I hate, i hate people who lie to me, same as you. But why are you lie to me again ? i did nothing wrong, whats the point that you lie ? telling me that you are going back home to do something.. in the middle of the night ?! fine, i'll pretend as you really have something to do and need to go.. so, next question will be, who fetch ? you dont even have a license.. what i gt from you.. "friend".. your so called friend is... whom i dont know.. so, thats the point, ask my parents, if they let your friend fetch you back, i have nothing to say.. but before i ask you to do so, i knew they are not gonna allow ;D lol ~ im so bad la, already know the answer but still ask u do that.. mwahaha *evil* just let u learn a lesson.. so, you changed your mind, not going back ? dad wanna fetch you back yet you give another reason fer not going back.. wth? had enough of this.. stop lying to us.. we wont know what you think.. none of us wanna give up on you, but ur attitude just zzz, change pls !! =__= dont drag your lil sis along.. dont influence her all your BAD HABITS.. you are just... *dots* in this family.. have nothing more i can say.. forget bout it.. im out of any idea, how to teach you..



back to sth better instead of.. all the disappointment i gt from her..

mom told me dad ask her to go kl with him tmr.. rawrs !! but i have class wei... so.. mom s the one who fetch me to class, cuz few reasons.. main point, NOT SAFE.. so, better to have people fetch.. then she say ask sis to fetch but.. jie also busy ? @_@ how?...

*conversation between me and mami*
mami: tmr ask jie fetch u har? if not i go kl with daddy then nobody fetch u liau..
me: har?!! wan meh? jie free meh? ._.
mami: haiyoo, if not how ar?

mami: hmm, or tmr i go british council there tell that guard save a slot fer u, outside there..
me: LOL !! siao meh?! like that also can ar? VIP ar?
mami: yaya, VIP.. ask that guard use chair to block the parking slot, then u reach liau u ask him move the chair then u gt place park liau. ;D
me: lmao !! then u better tell police, pi road block.. only fer me de can liau.. VIP ma..
mami: yaya, also can.. good idea..
me: =_=||


haiz, mami.. mmg sot sot again ><


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