ima become panda soon !! rawrs..

1st, i neva sleep well fer few days.
2nd, by the time i can sleep well, i nv rest early.. till nex morning..
3rd, been chionging sth "useless" whole night thru..

gosh !! @__@ im seriously tired but dun feel like sleeping.. anw, i have no idea what to add !!

yesterday went out with liang again.. argh !! neva tell me irwin go also =_= pian wo again.. then guess wad? after went to music shop + popular.. game time !! irwin knw to play para para too xD woo0ts ~ but he play freestyle ._. which idk.. D: see him play, woah, cool wei ;D then me and liang vs again.. drum drum.. haha i gt almost 90% and liang just gt bout 10%.. nice winning (: then my turn play parapara... awk, ps nia >< unknown ppl ther lookin... eeks >< summore choose bondolero, boom boom fire and made of fire.. the steps very @__@ *shy*

chiong dens ;D
picnic + MIDNIGHT bubp
thx dudez !! x3
why i say picnic ? hmm, lets see.. i join fer a day with them.. bside "playing" bubp, we are actually slacking, and our solo NPC, *ta-da* ethan aka my di, help us lol ~ then we "spam" ther.. lalala ~

our picnic.. damn nice.. we have..
- nescafe
- milo
- lollies
- snack
- chocs
- noodles
- nutella
- peanut butter
- greentea
....i think.. thats all ? or do i miss out sth ? let me know pls xD

our nicely fam bank : 35m and now... 78m
target : 100m
JYJY ~ <3
then... whatz come next ??



*waiting waiting*

wooooooooo0ts !!! 22m more.. lalalala ~~ ok im damn tired right now..@_@ goin 5am...*yawns* lazy to sleep..


mood : i miss euu ;D


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